About Senmiao Technology

SENMIAO TECHNOLOGY LIMITED ("SENMIAO TECHNOLOGY") is a comprehensive Fintech company in Sichuan Province, China.  It was successfully listed on Nasdaq Capital Market in March 2018 with the ticker symbol AIHS. AIHS uses internet technology to provide information services to the online lending industry, and automobile financing and leasing industry. Those sub-enterprises of Senmiao Technology are highly successful and recognized in their specific fields. Senmiao Ronglian operates an online lending platform, which is highly known and well complianced flatform in the southwestern region of China.  Hunan Ruixi is a finance leasing company active in the automobile market. And Sichuan Jinkailong is an automobile transaction and financial services provider specialized in the online ride-hailing market. The business of Sichuan Jinkailong’s has been growing steadily, and now it is a close partner with Didi Chuxing’s Ride-Hailing platform, a major transportation network company in China.

Through the strategic integration of the online information lending platform and automobile financial leasing service, Senmiao Technology has successfully transformed into a two-engine business model. By leveraging Hunan Ruixi and Sichuan Jinkailong’s strong positions in the rapid growing online ride-hailing and automobile financial leasing industry, the company finds numerous unique opportunities. It also helps its online lending platform Aihongsen to sail into the automobile finance leasing industry smoothly and hold better quality collateral assets. 

Senmiao Technology is now well positioned to become a diversified licensed financial technology service provider. The company will continue to look for quality merger and acquisition opportunities, and is committed soon to be a first –tier, well respected Fintech enterprise in China.